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NIFT/NID/CEED Entrance Preparation
Classroom training courses and distance learning programmes for design entrance exams, NIFT NID CEED

Design school entrance examinations
An initiative by the alumni of NIFT New Delhi, offering classroom and correspondence courses for students preparing for NIFT, NID, CEED, Srishti, Pearl.

Fashion design admission procedures
Test preparation help for NIFT, NID and CEED entrance tests. Offers design career coaching and counselling, information about design institutions.

Which Are Wiser For Your Wellbeing – Underpants Or Loose Boxers

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Men’s underwear has undergone great changes under the influence of the fashion revolution.|Lot of changes in men’s underwear is generated due to revolution.|The revolution in fashion has made various changes in men’s underwear.
|The fashion revolution had lead to many changes in men’s underwear.|Men’s underwear has undergone many changes by way of make and styles due to the ever-changing fashion.} Both briefs and boxer shorts get new, fresh designs from time to time. Size and the fit are the biggest differences between them. {Briefs are small in size so naturally they fit perfectly to the men’s body.
|The more body hugging underwear are briefs as they are generally smaller.|Since briefs are smaller, they tend to fit a man’s body better.|Because briefs are smaller, they usually fit a male body better.|Briefs are tinyer, so they can fit better to men.} Boxers are considered to be floaty and much cooler when they are worn. The is no clear winner between briefs or boxers when it comes to a mans preference. For men to be sexy and showcase their figure, they should wear briefs. Some select briefs simply because it is considered traditional underwear. Others are annoyed with boxers, especially when worn with fitted pants. Boxer shorts are usually worn by conservative dressers and those men that are not comfortable wearing tight fitting underwear. There are a lot of explainations as to why a lot of guys like boxers and why some like briefs.
In recent times there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not either of these two will affect a man’s fertility. Some say tight underwear can give off a lot of extra heat down below. A lot of brief patrons have shifted from their usual underwear because they say that heat can cause infertility. {Another necessary reason is that due to briefs, movement of the penis get prevented.
|Another good reason is because briefs do not allow for movement of the penis. |The fact that briefs restrict the momvement of the penis is another possibility.|One other reasons is that wearing briefs could prevent the penis from moving.|Briefs are good for keeping your private parts in place as opposed to boxer shorts.} It is said that constant exercise by the penis,will help in stimulating and erecting it {A study shows that sperm sterilization could happen with a sudden increase in temperature of the testes.|Research has suggested that if the temperature in the testes rises it can cause sperm sterilization, and that some men’s undergarments can impede blood flow to the penis so that it cannot function as it should.|As an added advantage the blood flow will be enhanced thus enabling the penis to function well
The studies reveal that sperm sterilization is resulted due to rapid rise of the temperature in the testes
|Also the increased circulation of blood through the penis enables it to perform it’s necessary function much easier.
Studies have shown that sudden temperature increases in the testes can cause sterilization of sperm.|Keeping the temperature constant can ward off potential sterilization of sperm when the blood supply to the penis is constricted causing a temperature spike to occur.} This level of heat kills some sperm cells eventually resulting in infertility for the man. During this experiment men wore both briefs and boxers. The salient factor was differing scrotal temperature with boxers versus briefs. Based on this study, it appears that briefs do not cause heat as has been suggested. {Men’s reproductive organs are not disturbed by the heat generated by briefs.|Briefs do not generate such amount of heat which can disturb the balance in men’s reproductive organs.
|Men’s reproductive organs are not affected by briefs as the heat generated by them is not enough to do damage.|The heat generated from brief-style underpants is not sufficient to affect the male reproductive organs.} No differences are identified with regards to the temperature of the testes by wearing undergarments and a boxer short. Plus, the decision on whether to wear boxers or briefs does not effect a man’s fertility. Men who prefer to wear briefs instead of boxers can relax as claims about briefs have been proven wrong by scientific and medical research.
There really should be no argument over which are better, briefs or boxers, as different men prefer one over the other and they should not worry about their choice. Also make sure to check out Size Genetics or Jes Extender to make sure you’re in shape.
There is no evidence to indicate that the type of underwear a man wears effects his fertility. Style and comfort are considered as the main factors in best underwear selection.
Design should be the only thing that separates both.

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Gold Pearl Earrings

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Although they say that diamonds are a womans best friends, pearls have been their most faithful friends, loyal and dependable during ups and downs. Unlike diamonds, gold and platinum, pearls are easily affordable. They also look good no matter what the setting. They can carry off any look and any outfit. They are good for any occasion – party, funeral, business meeting or shopping spree. That is why consumers love pearls and pearl jewelry is so common.

Golden pearls are a relatively new entry into this market. They are also in high demand these days. One of the reasons is their newness, the other, their rarity. Also, gold South Sea Pearls are gorgeous to look at. However, golden pearls are quite expensive too, with deeper gold being more expensive than the lighter variety. A rope of top graded golden pearls can easily fetch more than a million dollars. Yes, they are THAT expensive.

For most ordinary folks like you and me, a pendant made of golden pearls or gold pearl earrings are the best bargain – beautiful, elegant, and most importantly, affordable. Since gold South Sea Pearls are available in impressive sizes, getting a beautiful pair of gold pearl earrings is not difficult, even though they are pricey.

Coach Leapard And LV Longchamp Bags

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Bodacious China wholesale LV bags Longchamp handbags 2013 spring and summer inspiration from the 20th century, the three master architect: “less is more” concept creators Mies Vander Rohe, bold colors stressed the profile of Le Corbusier, and Mediterranean design features Luis Barragan. Crisp and bright with color through geometric blocks of color stitching and texture of the animal embossed effect to enhance the overall sense of visual impact; Mediterranean-style buildings more literary enthusiasts choice printed on the brand Gucci handbags handbag. COACH 2012 autumn Ms. bags cheap series, mainly coffee color tones, leather embossed leopard material, with rotation lock embellished with leather single shoulder strap. Legacy series of iconic styling with modern techniques change, or the creation of full COACH Wholesale handbag Online breath new look. Combines minimalist styling and traditional leather Legacy handbags classic the COACH design of elements of the tubular handle, leather wrap angle and corrugated lace. Traditional COACH accessories but also the appearance of focus. Including harness buckle, oversized metal zipper, washers, rotary lock and a noose buckle. The main modeling including the Duffle package and Candace Carryall travel bag, and the Penny Shoulder Purse Shoulder Bag.

The Color Of Your Tie Conveys A Strong Message

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No man should ever underestimate the power of the tie. It is undoubtedly the most important fashion item a man can wear. This is because a tie visually connects to a man’s neck and head, and closely to his mouth, so it can be used to convey a strong and clear message. Consider what the color of your tie says about you before you next knot one around your neck.

Blue Tie

Blue is traditionally thought of as a tranquil, peaceful color. A light blue tie says “have faith in me and follow me” while a bright blue tie can appear persistent and unfailing, like waves in the ocean. Blue is a good color tie to wear if you think that something you have to say may be met with hostility. Blue says “let’s cooperate” and indicates that you are communicative and willing to compromise, as well as trustworthy.

Do You Long To Slip Into Silk And Satin Slips

October 15, 2016 Women Fashion

Do you or your partner love soft silky slips and exquisite silk lingerie? Maybe it’s just that you love the finer things in life, a little luxury or that special romantic treat for yourself or the one you love. You may just like dressing in sexy sensuous fabrics when chilling out relaxing at home.

Perhaps for you nothing can compare with the feeling you get when you slip into pure silk or soft smooth satin slips and lingerie. Maybe you just adore the way those silky pieces of underwear feel against your skin so delicate and feminine to the touch. The feeling of all that pretty lace or silky satin ribbon adorns the hem and bodice of a full silk slip may be heaven to you.

Or could your pleasure of these intimate under things originate from how they look? Beauty being in the eyes of the beholder as they say. After all a gorgeous satin full slip trimmed with elegant lace admittedly does make a beautiful piece of lingerie. The way it enhances the female form caressing it in folds of shimmering silk or satin that seem to flow with every movement, a sight to behold indeed. Some of the most beautiful silk slips trimmed with contrasting coloured lace such as black with white or vice versa look absolutely stunning. These stark visual contrast of lace on silk or satin are a slip lovers delight.

Multiplayer Fashion Designer Games

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If your little girl and her friends love fashion, they might enjoy playing fashion designer games. They can use their creativity and imaginations to create outfits for their dolls or for virtual dolls. Some outfits they can create are dresses, sets, bathing suits and workout clothes. Fashion designer games come in three different formats: computer games, online virtual doll games and fashion designer game sets. They are all easy for little girls to use.
Online Designer Fashion Games
Some kid-friendly websites offer fashion designer games for your little girl. The most recommended websites would be Girl Sense, dress up games and Fashion Club. With Girl Sense, girls can register and become a member in order to play games and interact with other girls. These fashion designer games allow girls to create fashions for well-known boutiques such as JCPenny, Mudd, B.B. Dakota and Saint Grace. At Dress Up Games, registration is not required. Some fashion designer games include Model Photo Shoot Dress Up, Design Diva, Fashion Designer NY, Nadia Catwalk Show and March Cover Model. Girls can show of their designs by creating their own virtual fashion show. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising sponsors the Fashion Club website. This website is ideal for girls who want to pursue a career in fashion design. They can practice creating their own scarves, tee shirts and other types of apparel. Registration is required in order to have full access to this website.
Fashion Designer Game Sets
If you are not comfortable with your child using the Internet, then a fashion designer game set may be more appropriate. These game sets usually come with a doll or doll form, markers and colored pencils, paper, stickers or stamps, fabrics, patterns and paper doll cut outs. Your little girl can create her own fashions by drawing out her designs or cutting them out according to the pattern. It may be necessary for you to help your child with cutting out the fabric and patterns. Barbie and Project Runway are examples of fashion designer game sets that your daughter can play with. Cra-Z-Art allows your child to stencil her designs onto paper, which is a safe alternative to the other sets. The age requirements for these games range from six to eight years of age.
Fashion Designer Computer Games
Fashion designer computer games are safer alternatives from online games and game sets. One example of an ideal computer game is the Imagine Fashion Designer game. This game comes in both PC and Nintendo DS formats. With the Imagine Fashion Designer game, your little girl can enter the fashion business by creating clothing lines and directing photo shoots. The game also has a website where your daughter can display her designs and interact with other players. The Nintendo Wi-Fi version allows girls to participate in an online catwalk show and fashion photo shoot. Other ideal fashion computer games include Fashion Solitaire, Barbie Fashion Show, Project Fashion and Fashion Apprentice. These computer games have varying system requirements.

th Birthday – What is a Good Gift

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With the 50th birthday a person officially comes into the middle age. There are a number of things which can be purchased for them. However nothing crass will do. One needs to go for sophisticated items which reflect your good taste and superior sensibilities. This does not mean that extravagance is the only answer. Think simple and you are going to find success in your gift purchase. Sometimes when you are completely out of ideas regarding things to give, internet can help you to get all the right answers. There are fantastic choices to be had at the online shops and there is all the time in the world to make purchase.

Books are really good gifts for a person of mature age. However, if you know their taste and leanings it will be better since you can decide which book or author will be ideal. Also you may decide to give elegant jewelry pieces which are appropriate for the age. For women think of earrings and bracelets and for the men you can go for tie pins, cuff buttons or also a high quality watch as your budget permits. Floral bouquets are also sophisticated and tasteful items which will bring a smile on their faces.